Updated At: 2016-03-25 02:34:01 UTC
Player Name: Eunice Howe
Class: Warlock
Level: 1
Race: Elf
Background: Criminal
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Archetype (Level 3+):
XP: 0
Max HP: 12
Current HP: 6
Armor Class: 11
Initiative: +2
Speed: 25
Proficieny Bonus: +2
Inspiration: +0
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Abilities & Skills

Strength Modifier:
Dexterity Modifier:
Constitution Modifier:
Intelligence Modifier:
Wisdom Modifier:
Charisma Modifier:

Use your ability modifiers to complete your skills! Don't forget to add the value of your proficiency bonus to your designated proficient skills.

Acrobatics (Dex):
Animal Handling (Wis):
Arcana (Int):
Athletics (Str):
Deception (Cha):
History (Int):
Insight (Wis):
Intimidation (Cha):
Investigation (Int):
Medicine (Wis):
Nature (Int):
Perception (Wis):
Performance (Cha):
Persuasion (Cha):
Religion (Int):
Sleight of Hand (Dex):
Stealth (Dex):
Survival (Wis):
Passive Wisdom (Perception):

Spells (+)